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I love this app, it is amazing and has increased the quality of my writing drastically in a short amount of time.

As a blogger and online university student, it has been a priceless tool and more affordable than Grammarly.

If you want to check your spelling, then use Grammarly.

BUT if you want to improve and grow your writing ability, then use PRO WRITING AId.

Did I mention it is leaps and bounds more affordable than Grammarly? The full price for a life time access is $240 which would be the service fee for just under 2 1/2 year of Grammarly.

Pro Writing Aid also offers yearly subscriptions too.

Not a bad price for a bad ass editing app that blows Grammarly of the water for a lifetime or you can keep paying $99 a year for Grammarly to correct your spelling.

Personally I have used both and I have to say that I LOVE this product!!! It is enjoy and is like having a super efficient coach that never ever judges you or tells their friends, tongue in cheek humor but your get my point.

Some times we need a second set of eyeballs and this does that for you and so mich more.

This editing software app has helped improve my papers, write-ups, proposals, (e)books, love letters, business cases, reports, marketing material, academic papers and yes, even my Instagram posts. pro writing aid does that for you

Grammarly has its place as a proof reader but it is NOT an editor. It can improve your spelling but it will not increase your writing ability to a whole new level.

Pro Writer is an editing app, that ups your writing game.

wish I found it sooner, it has increased my academic and bloggin writing leaps and bounds and I no longer get feedback from my instructors that I have grammical errors like I did with Grammarly.






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