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Hey There, you found me!!


Peek-A-Boo!! I See you!! Thanks for finding me!! Thank you for visiting Curvedines an online lifestyle blog. At the time of this writing (9/2018), I am at the beginning stages of creating this blog.

Isn’t that EXCITING!! 

I started THIS NEW VENTURE about seven weeks ago and have learned so much!! Amazingly enough, I still have an ocean’s worth of more information to absorb and helpful tools to learn. It is overwhelming, but I am still excited!!

Have an idea of, what I want my blog to be but it keeps evolving and I that it will keep evolving for the next few years. I am also working on a second blog that is more skin care and beauty-oriented.


At the time of this writing,

I have two more years until my undergraduate degree, and in 5 months, I will complete my brand licensing certificate program. After that, I’m planning on pursuing an MBA in leadership. A doctorate in strategic leadership is ideal.

A long walk from wanting only to create art and little picture books. In the long run, my creative pursuits will be more interesting for others if I have a bigger world to draw from.

 I also started a class on how to write and illustrate children’s books this summer but had to put it on hold since my university classes started again and were more demanding than I had expected. It’ll be interesting to see how everything all comes together.

My hope for this blog,

Good question.

I hope that this blog will be a glimpse into my life and experiences while in school as an online student and family member caregiver and how I am applying the information and tools I am learning in school and applying these tools to the outside world.

Diverse interests,

I have diverse interests in many areas and find I prefer to write about many things I find interesting or helpful instead of just hyper-focusing on one or two areas, which is why I started more than one blog.

My brain gets a bit bored after a while only hyper-focusing on one or two things. So, it helps that I am interested in many subjects and other interests that allow me to think and reflect.

 You probably have noticed by now,

 I’m sure you have probably discovered by now that I love to learn, learn, and learn more.

I also love thinking, connecting the dots between thoughts and information.

Thriving on coming up with ideas, stories, and characters from all that learning, thinking, dot-connecting, reflecting, and just being my creative, weird little self.

Yes, I am creative and a bit weird, like all creatives, and yes, you’ve guessed It.

I am fine with my creative, weird little self. I enjoy helping people develop personal skills and talents. It seems to come more naturally to me.

So what can you expect from this lifestyle blog?

 I am not entirely sure it is still in development. And I have a feeling it will always be evolving and adapting to the transformational technology age in which we seem to be in or leaving to the next, Technology is evolving and changing so quickly, that I can’t keep up with the new titles they introduce into the playing fields, just know even if I call it by the wrong name, I am keeping up and bring new information, resources, and ideas as I discover them.

 I also imagine this blog and eventual platform will be filled with information and thoughts I am developing from whatever I am learning at the time. And whatever it is, I think I am trying to accomplish school, work, spiritual and personal growth, entrepreneurship, and whatever else I fancy. And transform as we grow together.

 In bioethics, I just learned about chimeras and that animal-human hybrid cloning exists to try and create vital organs for transplant surgery; who knew that it even existed? How far they have come? I have no idea, but it was interesting to become aware of its existence just the same.

Perhaps some pointers on leadership skill sets such as conflict resolution, communications, and working in teams. I would love to also write about advancements in medical science and technology, at least from an inquisitive perspective; however, who knows for sure because I am still in the development stage.

Or is it?

That depends on you!! What is it that you are interested in reading? What would you like to learn more about? How much of my life is worth reading about to you? Would you be more interested in my school, business, creative, or personal life?

All, some, or none? Right now, I am not sure either. I know I have a lot of ideas, and I hope my communication style is easy to read and relatable.


Welcome to ‘Curvedines,’ a budding online lifestyle blog where curiosity meets creativity. Launched just seven weeks ago, this platform is the brainchild of an aspiring blogger on a quest for knowledge and personal growth. As I navigate through the early stages of this venture, I aim to share my journey, encompassing the trials and triumphs of balancing academic pursuits, personal development, and creative expression. With aspirations to expand my academic horizons through an MBA and possibly a doctorate in strategic leadership, I am keen to intertwine these experiences with my passion for art and storytelling. ‘Curvedines’ is envisioned as a dynamic space that reflects a spectrum of interests, from the nuances of daily life as an online student and caregiver to explorations in bioethics, technology, and beyond. As this blog evolves, I invite you to be an integral part of its journey, encouraging you to share your thoughts, interests, and suggestions. Together, let’s cultivate a platform that thrives on innovation, learning, and the collective insights of our community.

Update as of March 2024

Two years into my MBA journey, Curvedlines has blossomed into more than just a blog; it’s a vibrant community where faith meets purpose, learning, and growth. It’s a place where we unite business savvy with educational pursuits, leadership prowess, and creative expression, all under the guiding light of our Christian worldview.

At Curvedlines, we’re not just sharing content but building a movement. Our mission is to weave faith seamlessly with practical business strategies, offering fresh, innovative insights that empower you to excel personally and professionally. We’re here to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration needed to live a life of significance that’s in harmony with the talents and calling God has placed in your heart.

Let’s journey together in this dynamic space, where each story, article, and insight serves as a stepping stone towards becoming who God created us to be. With the wisdom of Jeremiah 29:11 as our compass, we’re set to navigate the exciting path ahead, filled with hope, growth, and the promise of a prosperous future. Join us at Curvedlines, where every word we share is a thread in the larger tapestry of God’s grand design for our lives.

Questions or comment

We invite you to scroll down and leave your mark in the comments section. Whether it’s a thought that sparked, a reaction that stirred, a suggestion for improvement, or an innovative idea you’re burning to share, your input is the key that unlocks our collective potential. Dive into the dialogue below and let your voice be heard.



  1. Elizabeth

    Thanks for your comments

  2. Amira

    The pictures are so cute! Love them. I would definitely be interested in your business, creative and personal life lol but you could write about anything that interests you! Once you start, you will see what your audience is gravitating towards and you can then make changes as you go. You have many interests which is great! This means you are diverse and well-rounded! Your communication style is definitely easy to read and relatable.

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks, Amira, that means a lot to me!!

  3. Holly Mccullough

    Loved getting to know you better! Your character choices are adorable. I look forward to more.

  4. Cheryl

    Great post! I’m starting out too and trying to establish a voice. Your pics are adorable! I’m a bit of a nerd at times so the bioethics piece raises my curiousity. You’re off to a great start!

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks, I’ll have to do some more research on a few bioethic topics. I’m still stuck on Bioluminescent cats.


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