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I am a straight-to-the-point person. I think this has become more common since “Time” has become the new commodity (valuable resource) in our transformational tech age.

So in continuation of the “learning” mini-series. I felt the second posting should introduce the idea of a growth mindset.

Can you believe it? We are in the transformational tech age!

I just found out less than a few months ago and am still in a bit of shock. In the last two years I have found out we have crossed over and into three different economic ages. So if this is new information for you too don’t feel bad.

Technology is changing so fast every inch of life so quickly that I have a feeling we are living consecutively in a few different economic ages simultaneously. 

To adjust and thrive in our new exciting world. It is imperative to adopt and operate in a growth mindset. My desire for you is to have a pleasant learning experience with all the new and exciting things you would like to learn. You are beautiful, and can totally do this!!


The following is the short and sweet advice I learned while stumbling, then thriving through 3 1/2 years in an intensive online B.S. program at a Christian university:


  • Embrace an open mindset-a set of attitudes that allow for openness to learning new things.
  • Know it is ok to make mistakes.
  • When you feel you have made a mistake, reflect on it;
  • Learn from your mistakes and then keep re-adjusting until something works.
  • Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Embrace the discomfort that comes from learning something new.
  • Asking questions while learning and trying new things is good.
  • Do not give up, again re-adjust. (Read “WORDS OF CAUTION” here)
  • Take breaks.
  • Be mindful of your “WHY” (why you are doing something).
  • Keep your focus on the big picture of your WHY for taking on this project or position.
  • What do you want to gain from your new learning experience, and why do you desire these skill sets.
  • Focus on what you will do with your new skill sets in your personal and professional life.
  • Hit your deadlines or ask for an extension if you know you will not make the deadline. Sometimes knowing you have a little more time helps the brain unlock from the stress. 
  • It doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Be good to people.
  • People are the big picture.


“In this brilliant book, Carol Dweck shows how success in school, work, sports, the arts, and almost every area of human endeavor can be dramatically influenced by how we think about our talents and abilities.

 People with a fixed mindset; believe abilities are fixed and cannot be built upon or improved; are less likely to flourish than those with a growth mindset; those who believe that abilities can be learned and further developed.” 

Adopting A Growth Mindset - 329 Px By 499 Px


If you have an issue with procrastination, it could be from the following reasons:

  • You may be a bit unclear about what you need to do.
  • What you want to do.
  • How to do something.
  • You may have an unanswered question.
  • Uncertain of what to ask.
  • Or how to ask.

A great book that clarifies why we procrastinate how to tackle and conquer procrastination in a practical, straightforward manner is “EAT THAT FROG” BY TRACY, BRIAN.

Eat That Frog! shows you how to organize each day so you can zero in on these critical tasks and accomplish them efficiently and effectively. 

The core of what is vital to effective time management is; decision, discipline, and determination, including updated information for the digital distraction age; Quick read jam-packed with great information.

Adopting A Growth Mindset Book &Quot;Eat That Frog&Quot; By Brain Tracy

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